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Terms & Conditions


“Application” - The signing up process completed and submitted by the applicant to officially become a member of the Superfood Kitchen Loyalty Programme.

“Membership” - Superfood Kitchen Loyalty Programme.

“Transaction” - Transaction effected by the member at any Superfood Kitchen outlets.

“Participating Outlets” - Superfood Kitchen’s outlet in Singapore that acknowledge the use of Superfood Kitchen Loyalty Programme benefits.

“SuperStars” - A token issued to member while purchasing an item.

“You, your, member, account” - the user who applied for Superfood Kitchen Loyalty Programme membership and/or whose member’s account belongs to.


Application of Superfood Kitchen Loyalty Programme Membership

-Valid through our members portal (

-Membership is free.


Membership Validity

-Membership privileges can only be enjoyed by the member. Sharing of account is strictly not allowed.


Earning SuperStars

-Members could earn SuperStars when they purchase any item. 

Amount Spent: 

$1 = 1 SuperStar

-Members are entitled to gain rewards and special privileges in the form of earning ‘SuperStars’ in participating outlets, based on their current ‘SuperStar’ count.

-Members would have to identify oneself at the self-ordering kiosks or by informing our staff at the point of billing to enjoy our membership benefits.


Redemption of SuperStars

-Members MUST be physically present to receive their rewards. For example, when a member has redeemed 20 SuperStars in their account, they would have to go to any of our participating outlets to receive their rewards. Date of birth or mobile numbers will be requested for further verification purposes.

-‘SuperStars’ cannot be converted for cash or exchange for SuperStar vouchers.

-We do not provide membership points when ordering through third party delivery platforms. (such as Grabfood/Deliveroo and mall rewards programme/points/vouchers/giftcards)


Exclusive Privileges

Members will be able to enjoy special privileges on their birthday month.


Expiry of Membership and Renewal

-All unused ‘SuperStars’ will expire at the end of one year. For example, if you were to become a member on 1st November 2022, any unused ‘SuperStars’will expire on 31st October 2023.


Termination and Cancellation

-Members may, at any time, terminate the membership.

-The account will be terminated immediately in the event of any breach of the T&C.

-We reserve the rights to terminate the membership if found to be shared by his/her family and friends.

-Upon termination of the account, the member shall not attempt to use the account.

-Upon the termination or cancellation of the account, all “SuperStars’” will be forfeited and member would not be able to claim from us.



-You are only allowed to redeem 1 voucher per transaction only. (2 or more vouchers cannot be used in a single transaction)



-After signing up as a member, you have given consent that we shall be entitled to disclose personal particulars to the cooperatives and organizations that is related to us.

-Members have given consent to allow us to use their personal particulars in order to facilitate membership benefits and entitlement.

-Members will have the responsibility in ensuring that all email notifications updates are not sent into their junk mail. Any conflicts are not negotiable if the emails are sent out to the members.


Confidentiality of Account Details

-Members are required to keep their membership information and details confidential at all times.



-The membership is the sole property of Superfood Kitchen.

-If the rewards are unlawfully redeemed, the member will need to refund us the value of the Rewards without causing any dispute among both parties.

-Any debate on the rewards shall be notified to us within 30 days from the date when the dispute took place.

-We reserve any rights to alter or amend any privilege or condition without prior notice. All the terms and conditions of the rewards will be updated on our main website at  (

-We reserve the right to suspend or terminate your membership should any of the conditions and privileges are being abused.